Welcome to l’Arboré’s website!

Welcome to the Maison du Bouleau Blanc’s website for its newest product:  l’Arboré birch syrup, an all-natural syrup that is produced by collecting the sap from birch trees in the spring and slowly evaporating it to a rich and luscious syrup.

Incorporate l’Arboré birch syrup into your recipes... and be ready for raves

Distinctive Flavour

A precious liquid with balsamic notes flows in the boreal forest.

L’Arboré birch syrup is an all-natural syrup produced with care from birch sap that is evaporated for more than six hours to create a distinctively rich and luscious syrup.

From main dishes to desserts, l’Arboré birch syrup’s exceptional culinary versatility will astound you!

Delight Your Taste Buds!

Highly versatile birch syrup complements white and red meats as well as it does fish and seafood.  Although it has the same sugar content as maple syrup, its predominant, naturally occurring sugar is fructose.

Taste Profile:

  • Delightful, dark caramel colour
  • Caramel flavour with an initial hint of acidity
  • Lingering and full-bodied
  • Spicy, with balsamic notes on the finish


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